About Us

Whether you’re renovating your existing restaurant or planning a brand new facility, Restaurant Assets and Design is your one-stop solution. We’ve been affordably and creatively meeting the needs of a growing roster of clients — including independent restaurant owners, multi-unit franchise operators, schools, hospitals, churches, markets and country clubs — for close to two decades. Restaurant Assets and Design blends the professional expertise of its staff with an unrivaled measure of customer service to provide you with Creative leasing and financing options.

Restaurant Equipment

Nothing turns a dream into a nightmare faster than financial issues. Restaurant Assets and Design understands that, and offers a wide variety of creative solutions to help you overcome this hurdle. We’ve applied our years of food service industry leadership to create equipment and furnishings programs that are not only unique but extremely cost-effective. Focusing on bulk-buying, for example, enables us to offer new equipment at heavily discounted prices. We’ve also pioneered the concept of blending new, used and reconditioned equipment into single transactions, giving our customers even greater buying power and flexibility.